onsdag 8 maj 2013

Post tour trauma

Back from tour. Go check more pics and vids at http://distortthenorth.tumblr.com/

torsdag 14 februari 2013

Dispose Horror revival out now!!!!!

Our partners in crime, Dispose have a new record out. Go get it from D-takt och råpunk!

We have a few copies of Distort the north left, second press on blue vinyl. Get in touch if you care.

lördag 2 februari 2013

Dear Americans

By tracking the visitors i find out that except for people we know, most of you visitors are sitting in USA.
So i ask you:Can you please suggest american labels and distros who are intrested in rawpunk.
Thanks in advance.

fredag 7 december 2012

söndag 2 december 2012

15 Years

Dis friday its 15 years since first gig as a full band.
Have a Nyköbing gron and dont talk between the sonx.

onsdag 12 september 2012

tisdag 28 augusti 2012

Köp plattan över disk

Den som bor i Sverige kan nu köpa Distort the North på
  • Trash palace, Stockholm
  • Rundgång, Malmö
  • Noise of Sweden, internet

torsdag 23 augusti 2012

Found a forgotten track

While listenening to random hardcore; Amarok found this track on my computer. We recorded it in the rehearsal in 2009.